Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In ONE

Drum roll...
and today's magic numbers are:



A reminder of what we're going for:
Our Goals in Numbers
Optimum BMI - 19-25
Optimum Weight - 135

Optimum BMI - 20-25
Optimum Weight - 150

and where we were:
STARTING  Numbers (4/1/2012)
BMI - 32.7
Weight - 190.2

BMI - 31.4
Weight - 200.0

Well, as is abundantly obvious, I gained one pound this week.  To be honest, I'm shocked I did not gain more, what with the Grand Luxe and all.  (Darn you, you delicious and delectably EVIL French Beignets!)  So I have some work to do.  No, no.  I have A LOT of work to do.  It's enough to make me want to throw in the towel, already.  And it was just a pound.  Justin has done a really good job of setting some attainable mini-goals and giving himself a schedule - something I didn't really do yet and probably wouldn't have stuck to anyway while I was gone.  So here it is.  I think each week I will focus on two different habits to either break or begin - one eating/food related and one exercise/activity related.  If I need more time to perfect the habit and make the change stick, I'll leave it on for another week.  I want to make changes that are permanent, so I won't have to do this again in three years, so I think I really need to concentrate on CHANGE. (Which, if you know anything about me, you will know will NOT be easy).  You'll be seeing a lot of baby steps here.
This weeks goals:
eating/food - Stop eating by 7:00.  Here's yet another confession: I snack at night.  Usually I'll grab something before I head up for the night or munch while I am crafting or sewing in the evening.  And that's got to stop.  This week, no food after dinner.  I'm cutting myself off.
exercise/activity - Exercise (yes, that says EXERCISE) bare minimum of 20 minutes every single day.  That will include walking, elliptical, and biking.  Gosh darn it.
Wish me luck.

As you can see I almost lost a whole pound.  I would be a lot more excited about that except I know I could have done better.  Last night I wrote about how I knew I would be challenged by Easter dinner and sure enough I ate way more than I should have.  At least I stuck to my exercise routine and used the elliptical for 30 minutes tonight.

When we first started talking about having a competition, monetary reward, blog, etc there were two different reward scenarios that we discussed.  One option was to see who lost more weight and the winner alone gets the prize.  The other option was to have a target amount to lose and whoever meets the target gets the prize whether thats both of us or none of us.  We decided to go with the second option and set the target at 5 pounds per month.  At that rate we need to about 1.4 per week on average.  Obviously I didn't hit that amount this week, but I figure this first week is all about building momentum.  Once I'm in the groove I think I'll be able to make some real progress.  Long term the biggest obstacle on the horizon is when I travel for work because the food and exercise options aren't always great.

What I was proud of today
I was really proud of my first week in general.  I laid a decent foundation for the near future with an exercise schedule and I lost some weight in the first week of executing that plan.

What I wasn't proud of today
Easter dinner.  I hate to admit it, but I gave myself a generous first portion, helped myself to seconds, took a bunch of the food my kids wouldn't eat, and then had two desserts.  This is exactly what I need to fix.

Track of the day
Long Road to Ruin - Foo Fighters

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