Saturday, April 28, 2012

My Weight History

Justin's Post
I've been meaning to write about my weight history for a while, but for one reason or another I've put it off.  Until today.  I have been caught in the classic yo-yo cycle with my weight since I was in high school.  In high school I joined the wrestling team and really got in shape for the first time in my life.  Thats also when I stopped growing (vertically at least), so it makes a logical place to start.  I wrestled in the 152 pound weight class, which happens to be my ideal weight based on my height and BMI.  Right after high school I served a two year mission for my church where my physical fitness was a low priority for me.  I came home weighing about 200 pounds.  Its interesting that those two points have been the bookends for my weight for the past 12 years--its gone up and down but never much higher than 200 or much lower than 150.

When I got home from my mission I took up running, thanks to my parents, and its been something I've enjoyed ever since.  I put a lot of effort into running, but it took a while before I noticed any results.  A big part of that was learning to eat healthier, but as soon as I figured it out I steadily lost weight until I got down to about 150 pounds.  Then I got married.  I'm not sure why exactly I put on weight so quickly after getting married, but I know I wasn't eating as healthily as before or exercising as much.  And I was really busy finishing my degree, and then working full time.  But before I knew it I was back to about 200 pounds.

Then my wife's extended family decided to have a big family competition to encourage everyone to lose weight.  I really took advantage of the competition and at the same time set a goal to run a marathon.  That time I steadily lost weight from day one.  I made it down to the 170's before the competition ended (due to only a few people still trying).  At that point I was focused on the marathon and the weight itself was a lower priority.  The interesting thing here is that if you're a serious runner you probably aren't going to lose weight because you'd rather burn sugar when running than fat (sugar is a much easier energy source for your body).  So I was drinking a lot of gatorade and eating pasta to have tons of energy for running.  So I didn't lose any more weight, but I did succeed in running a marathon.

Unfortunately as soon as the marathon was over I didn't have a goal that I was actively working on anymore and soon found myself back up at 200.  One thing was that I had picked up some poor eating habits from trying to have energy for running.  But I wasn't running as much anymore, so I gained weight quickly.  About a month ago I got the idea for the competition with Kim and this blog.  I now understand what I really need to lose weight and be healthy.  I need to have an active goal or competition, something to keep me focused and keep me motivated.  My thought is that by starting this blog I'll always have to be accountable to someone other than myself.  And if I do get down to 150 I'm going to keep blogging so that I can actually stay there this time.  Thats the plan.

What I was proud of today
I made myself go running even though it was chilly, windy, and I didn't really feel like it.  Now that the half marathon is behind me I kind-of have a "now what" feeling.  I need a new goal.  Stay tuned.

What I wasn't proud of today
Kim had plans for tonight so I was hanging with the kids by myself and they convinced me to make a treat.  So I made a milkshake for all of us when I really didn't need to eat anything.

Track of the day
Smooth Criminal - Glee Cast
I hope I don't lose my man card for liking the Glee Cast version more than the original, but its awesome.  I love the cellos.

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