Sunday, April 1, 2012

And so we begin...

Here we are.  Day one of our experiment.  Our goal?  Well, ultimately it will be to obtain our optimum BMI and weight.  Other related goals include: eating healthier, being more fit, having more stamina to keep up with the kiddos and just plain feeling better.  Our mini-goal is, in a nutshell, to lose 5 pounds a month each.  We want to be healthy about it, and keep our expectations for weight lose realistic.

Our Goals in Numbers
Optimum BMI - 19-25
Optimum Weight - 135

Optimum BMI - 20-25
Optimum Weight - 150

Tonight we had our first weigh in and took our before pictures.  They aren't pretty (though I suppose no before pictures are... that's why they're before photos, right?) but seriously, I'd advice anyone who has a weak stomach or is prone to queasiness to look away now.  Just skip this post and move on to the next one.

Today's Numbers
BMI - 32.7
Weight - 190.2

BMI: 31.4
Weight - 200.0

I've known this wouldn't be easy from the start but there were a few things that really got to me.  Firstly, the fact that I am, apparently, considered "Obesity Class I" with the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (who are those guys, anyway?  I want to see their credentials).  I would consider myself plump.  Chubby, even.  But I would never have referred to myself as obese.  And I guess I am.  So, let's end the disillusionment now, I suppose.  Secondly is just the enormity of the task at hand.  I need to lose 55.2 pounds in order to reach my goal of 135.  That's a lot of pounds.  With our "5 pounds a month" mini-goal, it will take me just over 11 months to achieve this.  It seems nearly impossible.  Good thing I've got support.

I am not proud of myself.  I know I eat too much and exercise inconsistently, but I am going to re-commit to living a healthy lifestyle.  Obviously I'm 50 pounds above my ideal weight and just like Kim that puts me in the Obesity Class I camp.  If I meet my goal each month of losing 5 pounds it would only take 10 months to reach that weight, so here goes!


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  1. Girl you are crazy brave!!!! Uhhh...and you too mister. But its different for us gals, you know?
    I have pics just like that lurking on my computer and I can't bear looking at them.
    oh guys are gonna do great! I have faith in you :-)
    Have you considered doing body measurements too? Like waist, thigh, etc.? I know that was always more encouraging to me...especially on those weeks when I don't really lose lbs.