Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekly Weigh In - One Month



Where we were:
                    Kimberly                  Justin
4/1/12         190.2                        200.0
4/8/12         191.2                        199.2
4/15/12       189.2                        197.0
4/22/12       188.6                        195.0

what we're going for:
Our Goals in Numbers
Optimum BMI - 19-25
Optimum Weight - 135
Optimum BMI - 20-25
Optimum Weight - 150

Justin's Post
One month down and I met my goal!  I lost 5.6 pounds this past month and it feels great; plus I'll get a small monetary reward.  I've worked hard, exercised most days, and ran a half marathon.  As good as this month has been, I have some real challenges coming up next month.

On Tuesday I'm leaving on a two-week long business trip to China and Peru where I know I'll have a really hard time finding time to exercise and resisting the temptation to overeat.  I'll have a number of really long flights, hotels without gyms, and unfriendly streets* so I know exercise will be hard to come by.  At the same time business trips are notorious for long plentiful meals, plus the fact that its all on the company's dime so I don't have the monetary incentive to keep the quantity of food in check.

*Going running on the street in China is akin to taking your life in your hand.  In the United States we make fun of drivers in other parts of the country, but its nothing compared to other countries.  China is like the wild west of driving--all signs, road markings, even the direction of traffic flow are mere suggestions.  They drive like its a dog-eat-dog world and everyone is fighting for the same scrap of pavement to maneuver their car into and they're competing with scooters, bikes, rickshaws, and pedestrians for said scrap of pavement.

After the two-week business trip I'm home for a week and then we're going out of town to visit family.  I'm not as worried about the family trip since we're visiting my parents who are also runners and I'm sure we'll get some exercise in.  So I'm thinking if I can make it through the first two weeks of this month without gaining weight I'll have been successful.

What I was proud of today
Making myself use the elliptical at 11:00 p.m.

What I wasn't proud of today
To be honest, I kind of took it easy the past two days since I knew I would meet the 5 pound goal.

Track of the day
Rain - Creed

I don't know exactly what my issue has been this week, but it's been a difficult one, emotionally and mentally.  The weather is gross, it's cold, it's rainy, the kids are INSANE and I feel overwhelmed with the amount of things I need to get done - housework, blog stuff, competition stuff for So You Think You're Crafty, a BIG upcoming project, etc, etc.  I know I'm not the only one who has overwhelming days or weeks... and I'm certainly not the only one who deals with them by sloughing off certain priorities.  I feel bad about it, but this week was a horrible week for exercise and food.  I've definitely gotten in the habit of controlling my portions better and not snacking.  That's good - and probably the only thing keeping me from GAINING weight... But I have GOT to better with exercising.  Once again, I took a walk with the kids - once.  We were going to ride our bikes, but the bike trailer for the kids broke.  I felt forces conspiring against me - but actually it's just my own negativity that I need to overcome.  
I have not been looking forward to tomorrow - being the day that Justin leaves for at least two weeks.  He arrives home just before our anniversary (and he's supposed to be on a camp out for boy scouts that day...) The kids are sad without Justin.  I am sad without Justin.  There's double the work without Justin.  So I've been doing a fair amount of dreading, which I know has contributed to my bad attitude lately.
Fortunately, I did not GAIN weight this week.  I did not lose any significant amount of weight, even over the course of the whole month.  It's sad, but in a way I'm glad that Justin DID even though I didn't because he won't let me hear the end of it if it happens again...
I need to kick it up a notch or 12.


  1. Guys, keep up the hard work. Loosing weight is the hard part. Maintaining it isn't as bad. One thing I suggest to help you guys get to where you need to be - Drop anything dairy and stay away from breads. Trust me on this one.

    -Robert Fuller

  2. Hi. I am also on the journey to being healthy. I wanted to let you know about something that might help you keep track of your progress and help to keep you motivated. I use a food/exercise tracker site called

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