Saturday, April 14, 2012

10 Miles

Justin's post
I've mentioned before that I'm working up to running a half marathon in the near future.  The date of the race is April 22, which is week from tomorrow.  Today was an important step toward that goal since I hadn't had many long distance training runs lately.  I decided that if I could run 10 miles without incident today that I would be in good shape to run 13.1 miles in a week and would go ahead and sign up.  I'm happy to say that I ran 10 miles and it went well for the most part.

When you run long distances you need to replenish your fluids, electrolytes, and calories or you'll have problems.  I usually draw the line at over 8 miles and wear a Nathan brand hydration belt.  The down side to wearing a belt is that they can be heavy when full of fluids, and they can jiggle and chafe.  My belt is pretty good, but is susceptible to these problems.  So when I saw that the weather was supposed to be in the 50's and breezy I decided to risk it today.  Unfortunately it turned out to be a lot warmer than I expected and I realized I was really thirsty when I had about 2 miles to go.  I made it back fine, but I won't make the same mistake again!  The lousy part is that I have been insanely thirsty the whole day.  I keep drinking but it doesn't seem like I can get enough.

What I was proud of today
Running 10 miles... or had I already mentioned that?

What I wasn't proud of today
I'll admit that I forgot to exercise yesterday

Track of the day
Secrets - OneRepublic

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