Saturday, April 7, 2012

Long Run and Movie Night

Justin's Post
Since I missed posting yesterday I'll give an update for both days.  So far I've succeeded in following my exercise schedule.  Yesterday I did sit-ups and pushups and today I went for a long run.

Last night I was really tempted (as always) to skip my 30 minutes of exercise.  It was a busy day for us and around 11:00 at night I found myself watching a movie with Kim.  It occurred to me that I needed to exercise and I realized that sit-ups and pushups were something that I could easily do while watching the movie.  I just needed to force myself to expend the energy.  But I did it and although I still suck at sit-ups, I realized once again how possible it is to squeeze 30 minutes of exercise into a day.

Today I went for a long run like I had been planning on.  Part of the reason I did it is to get ready for the half marathon I'm planning on doing.  The race is on April 22, so I really only have one more weekend to run a good distance to prepare.  There is a nice trail close to our house that runs through woods and fields and is my favorite place to go running.  The weather was perfect--the sun was out and there was a light breeze.  I ended up running 8 miles fairly comfortably, and I felt pretty good afterwards.  I ended up mowing my lawn today too and that ended up really wearing me out.  I should probably avoid running and mowing the same day.  My plan is to continue my exercise routine and hopefully run 10+ miles next Saturday and I think I'll be in good shape for the half marathon (13.1 miles).

What I was proud of
Yesterday we had a pizza dinner with my brother-in-law and his family and I only ate two slices of pizza.  Thats pretty good for me since I could easily eat half a pizza if I wanted to.

What I wasn't proud of
I ate too much today.  Kim is gearing up for Easter dinner and made a bunch of goodies today that I indulged in a little too much.  I really need to be careful tomorrow because big dinners like we'll be having tomorrow are where I am at my worst and eat more than any reasonably person should eat.  Wish me luck!

Track movie of the day
Stranger than Fiction
I decided to share the movie we watched last night since I didn't really have a song stand out to me today.  And besides Stranger than Fiction is a great movie that I highly recommend.  A truly unique movie that is both hilarious and poignant.

Somehow I have to force myself to like exercise.  I have zero to report about yesterday.  We took the kids to the park but I wasn't running around like they were.  I spent most of my free time without kids sewing since I was trying to make myself a skirt for Easter.
Today I went for a bike ride!  I was in the middle of making potato salad for Easter dinner and realized that as I waited for the potatoes to cook and the eggs to sit in their cold bath maybe I could try to do something more active for once in my adult life.  Justin had just gotten back from his long run and I was feeling like a lump.  Nothing like a super active husband to guilt you into motivation.  So I tried to pump my bike tires with our little hand pump which - I discovered had a hole in the hose.  So I jumped on my bike anyway and headed to my parents to use their air compressor.  I thought I was going to die.  No, I'm serious.  I really thought there was something wrong with me.  It was all I could do to push the peddles down and I can't believe I was actually going "fast enough" to keep the bike upright.  I thought I'd have to ask my mom for a ride home... after pumping my tires full of air, my mom told me that it's REALLY hard to ride on flat tires.  And she was right.  When I got back on, it was like soaring through the clouds... I was pretty happy to note that it wasn't ME who sucked, just my tires.  However, the way home was into the wind and I found myself thinking I might die once again.  I found out it was only about 3.5 miles that I'd ridden, which was kind of disappointing.  I suppose I'll have to build up, but slow progress is a major downer to me.
The good thing was that I actually enjoyed the time to myself.  It was great to leave the kids with my husband and just have some time with music and my thoughts.  I've decided that if that's how I'll get some time without the kids, then so be it.  I may start to enjoy this exercise thing after all.  

Confession: Does anyone else feel like their head is going to explode when they are active?  I got the worst headache when I was riding my bike... how am I supposed to counteract that?

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