Monday, April 2, 2012


Justin's Post
Today was the first day of the challenge, and I am realizing that I have a lot of work to do to change my bad eating habits.  But I don't feel like delving into those quite yet, and focus on something a little more positive today: running.  Running is my favorite exercise because its peaceful, I'm alone with my thoughts (or music), and I can easily see progress as the scenery changes.

I ran 5 miles today and I feel pretty good, a little tired, but good overall.  I have a nice route mostly through quiet neighborhoods and parks which I really enjoy.  I definitely recommend finding a nice route from your house or a short drive from your house where you can put yourself on autopilot and recharge your mental batteries and exercise at the same time.

A short term goal of mine is to run a 1/2 marathon in about 3 weeks.  I know thats a pretty short time to prepare, but I think I can do it because I do run somewhat frequently.  And there is no pressure since the local 1/2 marathon accepts registrations up to the night before the race.  If I'm not ready I don't lose any money.  But I'll be ready.

What I was proud of today
A good run, sensibly sized breakfast and lunch.

What I wasn't proud of today
Dinner.  Our kid's pre-school was having a fundraiser and Buffalo Wild Wings tonight, which is not a diet friendly restaurant.

Track for the day
After Midnight - Blink-182

I have a feeling this week is probably the worst possible time for me to start a challenge like this.  I left tonight to visit my bff in Chicago.  Seeing that Chicago has lots of awesome food I assume I'll fall off the bandwagon a bit, but maybe I should be more optimistic than that.  Aside from a "walk" with the kids (which wasn't really around the block, more like down the street and back because I wanted to strangle them) there wasn't any added activity either.  
I need some short term goals.  I mean, other than "drop a pound this week."

Confession:  I despise running.  Sure there are actual reasons for that - like my horrible knees in which I experience subluxation of an excruciating kind at any given moment, and the awful tightening of my chest which hurts with every breath I try to wheeze out - but truthfully, I'm kind of sad about it since I used to be a runner - and by used to be a mean like a lifetime ago - like before high school.  Before I jacked up my knee.

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