Sunday, May 20, 2012

Weekly Weigh-In #7



Where we were:
                    Kimberly                  Justin
4/1/12         190.2                        200.0
4/8/12         191.2                        199.2
4/15/12       189.2                        197.0
4/22/12       188.6                        195.0
4/29/12       188.2                        194.4
5/13/12       189.0                        193.8

what we're going for:
Our Goals in Numbers
Optimum BMI - 19-25
Optimum Weight - 135
Optimum BMI - 20-25
Optimum Weight - 150

Justin's post
Wow I've been terrible at writing this week.  I definitely meant to write a post on Tuesday.  And then I really meant to write a post on Wednesday, and Thursday, and Saturday.  I will definitely try to do better this week.

This past week has been pretty good for exercise.  I ran 5 miles on Monday, used the elliptical on Tuesday*, played basketball on Wednesday, used the elliptical again on Friday, ran 8 miles on Saturday, and used the elliptical again today.  With the exception of Thursday I've achieved my goal of 30 minutes of exercise every day this week.  And I have a decent weight today to show for it.

*Since writing about sweating when using the elliptical in my last post I've paid more attention to it this week.  I absolutely sweat more in 30 minutes on the elliptical than running 8 miles outside.  So obviously the amount of sweat depends on more factors than just the amount of effort expended during exercise.  In my case I think I get warmer in my basement that has little air circulation than outdoors where there is wind as well as the breeze from my own movement.

Looking forward, I have two weeks until the end of the month when I need to hit my target of 189.4, which means one pound a week.  That's certainly achievable.  We are going on vacation the end of this week visiting my family in Utah.  My parents are renting a condo near a spa in the mountains and I think I'll have plenty of opportunity to exercise with all the trails in the area and the exercise facility at the spa.  I think it will be a lot of fun and I think I can get some good exercise in too.  Of course my real weakness is food, so we'll see how it goes.

What I was proud of this week
I had an awesome 8 mile run yesterday.  On a longer run the last couple of miles are typically pretty difficult, but yesterday I felt great and picked up the pace towards the end of the run.  I want to sign up for another race so I have something to work towards, but I'm waiting for my work schedule to firm up somewhat so I can be sure I'm in town.

What I wasn't proud of this week
I have no excuse for dropping the ball on Thursday, especially when its so easy to do sit-ups and pushups.  I think I'm avoiding those exercises because I'm not as good at them, which is a terrible reason.

Track of the week
Home - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Um.  I am obviously moving in the wrong direction.  I've been all consumed with the crafty competition I'm in right now (SYTYC) and another big project whose due date is looming on my horizon.  It's excuses, I know, but it's really true that all of my spare time is spent working on one of these two things.
At the end of the week we're going to Utah.  I'm actually looking forward to their more active lifestyle than my family, and for the outdoor opportunities - something I haven't paid much attention to in the past, but it'll be a great way to get my butt in gear.
Goals remain the same.  

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