Monday, May 21, 2012


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I've been meaning to post some pictures from my recent trip to China and Peru.  So since I don't have a lot to write about today, here they are.

This is downtown Anqing China.  It really isn't a tourist destination, but the downtown area seems like a happening place.  Although I spent 3 days here I didn't take many pictures.

This is old town Shanghai.  The buildings here are all examples of traditional Chinese architecture and house little shops.  I like this picture because you can see the Word Financial Center in the background.

More old town Shanghai.

Right next to the old town are the Yu Yuan Gardens.  This is a beautiful area that was built for an important family during the Ming dynasty.

The gardens have a lot of little pools and pagodas.

The level of detail is amazing.  All of the rocks were specifically placed where you see them.

This is the main pool in the gardens.

Every surface has painstaking detail.  There are patterns made with rocks of different sizes and shapes.

Mosaics too.

The theatre.
I love the dragon wall.

This is a view of People's Square from the hotel.

More of People's Square.

Peru stood in stark contrast to China.  At least the part of Peru I was in was incredibly poor.  Many of the houses were these little shacks build right into the hillside.

My hotel was cute and quaint with little apartments connected with cobblestone streets.

It was really an oasis in the desert as there was virtually no vegetation outside of the hotel property.

The van here is a bus.  There would be literally 20 people or more packed into these buses going wherever they needed to go.

These little motorcycle-powered carts are taxis.  It seemed like the majority of vehicles on the road were either buses or taxis like in these pictures.

What I was proud of today
I made it through Yummy Monday fairly well for the most part.  I didn't eat too much so I was able to exercise tonight, which is definitely better than other Mondays have been.

What I wasn't proud of today
One thing that Kim does really well is avoiding snacking in the evening.  She tries not to eat anything after 7:00, and it seems like she does a good job of that.  I don't do as well and today I couldn't resist snacking after I exercised.

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